Highland Brewing Company: Powering the Sun to Make Beer

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“The ability to start re-using water and the power of the sun makes us so happy.”

–Brock Ashburn, head engineer at Highland Brewing Company

The Highland Brewing Company, the oldest legal brewery in Asheville, NC, just went 100% solar. Founder and owner, Oscar Wong, his daughter Leah, and the rest of the Highland Brewing Company team were bold enough to welcome the first ever MBAx team through their doors two summers ago.

Oscar once told us his mission: “Do what’s right for the beer and the community, and everything else will fall in place.” After coating their roof in 1,000 + solar panels, Highland Brewing can add innovation and the environment to that list.

In addition to creating a more sustainable business, and reducing their carbon footprint, Highland Brewing will get credit from Duke Energy Progress as well as federal and state tax credits.

Cheers to the sun’s power, money saved and beer served!

Watch the segment here. Read about the MBAx0 journey to the Highland Brewing Company here, and be sure to enjoy some brew next time you are in Asheville!


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On January 19, 2015

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