A Call For Visionary Entrepreneurs


MBAs Across America is a national movement to revitalize America by mobilizing the nation’s best resources to support the visionary entrepreneurs that are creating jobs & changing lives in American communities every day.

After inviting an MBAx team into his business, one entrepreneur in Nashville who employs local youth to make skateboards and to give them the opportunity to develop job skills said, “Our business matured 3 years in 2 weeks”. Another in Bozeman, MT said, “Words will never express the gratitude I feel for the gift I was given by being a participant in your MBAx program”. An entrepreneur in Colorado was able to use the cash flow projections his MBAx team created to secure a loan to grow his urban farming business, and an entrepreneur in New Orleans implemented a new sales strategy and landed the biggest client in that company’s history.

Now we are again searching the country for entrepreneurs making an impact in their communities and who could use some support to take that impact to the next level. If you know or are a visionary entrepreneur that might be interested in collaborating with a team of committed MBAs and a national community of supporters long after the summer is over, please complete our brief Entrepreneur Application.

We are searching for entrepreneurs with three key traits:


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Check out our FAQ for entrepreneurs for answers to questions about applying and working with an MBAx Team.


Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.07.16 PMSebastian Jackson, Founder & Owner at the Social Club Grooming Company – Detroit, Michigan

As an entrepreneur, I need resources. I need several support systems, and MBAx is a fantastic resource and enables us to benefit from their support system.  Most importantly, MBAx has legitimately helped us map out our future growth. We have tangible tools now that help us recruit and train talent, as well as tools that help us understand markets that we should absolutely enter vs. markets that will be more difficult for us to take over.

Sarah Calhoun, Founder & Owner at Red Ants Pants – White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.43.52 PM

Working with MBAs Across America was a huge success. For those of us entrepreneurs that haven’t taken a business class in our lives, there is so much to be learned from MBA students who have knowledge and up to date business information at hand. And from the students’ perspective, getting out into the corners of America where small business owners are living and breathing entrepreneurship on the ground level, there is a great deal of practical experience to witness and learn from.  I’m a strong believer that it takes rolling up your sleeves and experiencing it first hand to understand what it really takes to run a business. This collaboration is an exceptional fit that truly benefits both the entrepreneurs and the MBA students.


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.47.40 AM

Will Anderson, Owner at Salemtown Board Co. – Nashville, Tennessee

Our business matured 3 years in two weeks. It was incredibly helpful. They helped us with learning how to set sales goals, how to understand and use social media, and how to view our website performance.




What should entrepreneurs expect from MBAs Across America and a team of MBAx Fellows?

Expect us to want to understand your story and how your business positively impacts your community. We will also want to know the biggest challenges or opportunities you are facing to make sure that we are deploying our teams to work with entrepreneurs who can best put our teams to work.

If we select you and match you with a team,  expect them to build a relationship of mutual trust and friendship that will extend far beyond the summer. You will communicate with them in the months leading up to the summer to build this relationship and bring them up to speed on your business. Your team will work with you to understand how they can be most helpful and to identify other friends, alumni, and co-conspirators in the MBAs Across America network who can pitch in. In the summer of 2015 your team will come to your city and work with you for one week. We know you are busy, but we ask our entrepreneurs to set time aside each day that week to work collaboratively with their team as they know their businesses far better than anyone else.

Expect us to live up to our values:


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Check out our FAQ for entrepreneurs for answers to questions about applying and working with an MBAx Team.