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Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.07.16 PMSebastian Jackson, MBAx0/1, Founder & Owner at the Social Club Grooming Company – Detroit, Michigan

As an entrepreneur, I need resources. I need several support systems, and MBAx is a fantastic resource and enables us to benefit from their support system. For example, The Social Club has received an unbelievable amount of media attention, which has helped us establish brand equity in places outside of Michigan. It is difficult to measure this result, but that alone has helped our trajectory. We also are able to leverage the MBAx relationship, helping potential stakeholders understand that in joining a small entrepreneurial venture, they are a part of a much larger network and something bigger. Most importantly, MBAx has legitimately helped us map out our future growth. We have tangible tools now that help us recruit and train talent, as well as tools that help us understand markets that we should absolutely enter vs. markets that will be more difficult for us to take over.

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Sarah Calhoun, MBAx0/1, Founder & Owner at Red Ants Pants – White Sulphur Springs, Montana

Working with MBAs Across America was a huge success. For those of us entrepreneurs that haven’t taken a business class in our lives, there is so much to be learned from MBA students who have knowledge and up to date business information at hand. And from the students’ perspective, getting out into the corners of America where small business owners are living and breathing entrepreneurship on the ground level, there is a great deal of practical experience to witness and learn from.  I’m a strong believer that it takes rolling up your sleeves and experiencing it first hand to understand what it really takes to run a business. This collaboration is an exceptional fit that truly benefits both the entrepreneurs and the MBA students.

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AaronHillAaron Hill, MBAx1, Co-founder at Fargo Brewing Company – Fargo, North Dakota 

The MBAx team was great. Their communication was excellent, they were very professional, fun and added a ton of value. I cannot believe how much they accomplished in only one week. Great experience, would highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs.

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Bea Wray, MBAx1, Executive Director at the Creative Coast Alliance – Savannah, GeorgiaScreen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.32.48 PM

At the end of our week with MBAxAmerica I was devastated and thought, “How can will we survive without our new faithful friends?”  Two months out I realize we don’t have to.  The wisdom, connections, and resources of our MBAx team are integrated into everything we do here at the Creators’ Foundry so their impact and support live on!

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Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 11.47.40 AMWill Anderson, MBAx1, Owner at Salemtown Board Co. – Nashville, Tennessee

Our business matured 3 years in two weeks. It was incredibly helpful. They helped us with learning how to set sales goals, how to understand and use social media, and how to view our website performance.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.32.28 PMTiffany Lach, MBAx1, Owner at Sola Cafe – Bozeman, Montana

Words will never express the gratitude I feel for the gift I was given by being a participant in your MBAx program this summer. Not only was I and my business profoundly impacted by the wisdom and fabulous work done by the team, I feel I have 6 new friends and a much wider network of support systems. Your vision of empowering and supporting entrepreneurs in real-time is working BIG TIME! As a ‘serial entrepreneur”, I am often so consumed by my business, I forget the rest of the world exists. Small business owners wear so many hats and end up so focused it is often hard to see the forest for the trees. Through your outstanding organization MBA’s Across America, you are truly making a difference in the lives of people like me. What a gift!

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