Entrepreneur FAQ

What is MBAs Across America?

MBAs Across America is a non-profit organization and a movement of MBAs & entrepreneurs working together to revitalize America. Every summer we send teams of MBAs Across America Fellows across the country to work in 1 to 2 week engagements with entrepreneurs creating jobs and changing lives in their communities.


Who are MBAs Across America Fellows?

MBAs Across America (MBAx) Fellows are current business students who have been vetted through a rigorous values-focused application process to spend 5 weeks of their summers traveling the US and working alongside entrepreneurs.


How many MBAs are on a team of MBAx Fellows?



What do MBAx Fellows do for MBAx Entrepreneurs?

Our first job is to understand the biggest challenges and opportunities facing your business. We get some sense of this through the entrepreneur application process, but once a team of MBAx Fellows selects the entrepreneurs they will work with, they are in touch with each entrepreneur to refine, hone, and scope a project to work on collaboratively. MBAx teams cater their work to the needs of their entrepreneurs and in the past have worked on projects related to almost every aspect of running a business including cash flow, fundraising, operations, marketing, finance, HR, pricing, customer surveys, employee engagement, IT systems and tools, etc.


How do I apply to work with an MBAs Across America Team?

Find the first step of the application here.

What is the application timeline?

Applications from entrepreneurs are accepted through early March for the following summer. In April. teams of MBAx Fellows contact entrepreneurs whose applications we have accepted and select those they would like to work with.


What does MBAs Across America look for in selecting entrepreneurs?

We are searching for entrepreneurs with three key traits:

When do MBAs Across America Teams hit the road to work with entrepreneurs?

Each team hits the road for a total of 5 weeks. Depending on their calendars, some teams start as early as June and end as late as September.


How long do MBAx teams work with their entrepreneurs?

The relationship starts in the months leading up to the summer when MBAx teams reach out to their entrepreneurs and start to learn about their businesses in greater detail. MBAx teams then spend 1 week with each of the entrepreneurs they select. Some engagements in the summer of 2015 will be 2 weeks. The best part of MBAs Across America is that while MBAx Fellows are only on the ground with their entrepreneurs for 5 weeks, they and the organization more broadly are engaged with our entrepreneurs for a lifetime. We build genuine friendships with our entrepreneurs that keep us in touch and supporting one another far beyond the end of the summer.


If I’m selected as an MBAx Entrepreneur, will I be in touch with my team of MBAx Fellows before the summer?

Yes, teams of MBAx Fellows reach out to the entrepreneurs they are interested in working with starting in April.


What do I do when my team of MBAs Across America Fellows comes to town?

Our teams work with you collaboratively while they are in your city. This means that you are not an audience for the team – you are an active participant in working with them and helping them be as helpful to you as possible. We know you have a business to run, so teams will be sensitive to your time constraints and work around your schedule, but they’ll need some of your time every day. 


Is there a chance I could be accepted as an MBAx Entrepreneur but not matched with a team this summer?

Yes. Unfortunately to make the logistics of the matching and the geographical limitations of our road trips work, we can never work with all of the entrepreneurs that we wish we could. Once accepted, however, you will be eligible for future programs and included in a powerful network of other incredible entrepreneurs and MBAs.

How much will this cost me?

Nothing but your time. We are a non-profit, and we do not charge our entrepreneurs or MBAs.